Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good-bye, 2016!

Well...there goes another year. The world is what it is. As for my writing progress, ha ha ha ha ha.

Obviously, I didn't manage to complete NaNoWriMo this year. I didn't even really start! I got so far as opening a new file and writing maybe a hundred words or so before I got distracted. It was supposed to be the second half of a previous NaNo project, but I failed to find any meaningful outlines or notes of where the story was meant to go, and nothing I thought up in the meantime felt very promising. So yeah.

I did get obsessed with "Once Upon a Time" (the ABC TV show) after binge-watching all five seasons over the summer. I finally got around to the show once "Fables" (the graphic novel series) was done, because I had all that "fairy tale characters in the modern world" head-space freed up. So yeah. I never could resist a crazy scheming wizard character. (I played a wizard character in my D&D game! A dwarf, even. Come to think of it, my alias "Taisch" originally came from a crazy mage character I had, a World of Darkness Nephandus.) And crazy sinister wizards are especially awesome when played by Robert Carlyle. And when they start out as the kindest character in the show, then somehow end up as the evil mastermind. As far as manipulative bastards go, Rumplestiltskin could definitely give the Seventh Doctor a run for his money.

Well, so, that wouldn't be so bad if I didn't like the first couple of seasons so much, and then dislike the later seasons more and more. In the normal way of things, I'd have quit watching the show (it's not Doctor Who, I don't have to watch it, LOL), but I ALREADY BOUGHT THE DAMN DVD SETS! Grrr. So there was nothing for it but to write nearly fifty thousand words of fanfiction to express my discontent. Too bad it wasn't all in November, or I could easily have made the NaNo goal. Ah well!

I'll probably get back to the Doctor Who one in January. If I can get my supposed plot untangled. There's a bit of a muddle right now, but I imagine it's time for the part where the Doctor gets captured and the villains exposit at him and then he escapes. Maybe? We'll see.

What I learned in 2016: Sweet tamarinds! Are packed up in boxes and available in ordinary American supermarkets! I had no idea. I hadn't ever seen them before in the local supermarket until last week. I didn't even know what they were at first. I mean, I've come across the word before, and knew it was some fruit thing, but I had to google after I got home with the box. Apparently these were grown in Thailand. And come from some mutant variety that are all sweet. They reminded me of the random brown seed pods that grow on... some kind of plants... around here when I'm not paying any attention to them. So yeah. Sweet tamarinds. The outer shells were thin and brittle, easily peeled off. Then inside, take off the stringy brown bits and eat the sweet pulpy stuff and spit out the seeds. Huh. The flavor was familiar, but I'd never had it in this form before. No one else in the family liked them, though.

So there you go. *waves a sweet tamarind pod at 2016*

See you in 2017!