Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The end is nigh (I hope)

...of the Doctor Who fanfiction I'm currently writing, that is. Gah. It's MAY. I've been writing this stupid thing for five months. It's at about 76K words posted so far. There should only be a few more chapters to go, but it's such a slog. I really want to have this done by the end of May, so I can think about submitting something for the Big Finish short story competition. I am completely unable to work on more than one story at a time.

So this post-as-I-go experiment continues. I think it does help in keeping me moving forward, because I want to put up a new chapter each week. It's a pity that it's the story I wanted to read, but not necessarily any other people. It's never going to be popular. Oh well! It's fun for me to write, but it's still...a...slog. I hope I don't end up hating it. I already hate all the characters a bit. Grrr. Way to destroy my love of the show, you idiot.

My kids are probably sick of me muttering "must...finish...chapter!" and telling them about my plot (such as it is.) My son just gives me advice like "Make Rassilon more like Donald Trump!" Ha ha. Yeah. Well, I told him about how Rassilon took over with his promise to "Make Gallifrey great again!" and was disintegrating anyone who spoke up against him. And how he was the ultimate paranoid xenophobic Time Lord megalomaniac. Ha ha ha ha ha.

The sad thing is that my version of the Master/Missy ended up being nicer than Gwendolyn Chant in the end. (Dang, that Gwendolyn was such a sociopath!) (The comparison came up in my head because Missy was using the Doctor in much the same way Gwendolyn was using Cat/Eric Chant in "Charmed Life". Nine-lived enchanters are probably some kind of Time Lords!) In my defense, Missy did say she wanted her friend back. (Who else would put up with her, anyway?) (One thing Moffat did right: he didn't make Missy the Rani! That would have been awful. Missy wasn't anything like the Rani.)

Anyway. The end... must... reach... the end...