Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I should do more revision...

I managed to "edit" my fruit trees last month, so I should be able to do it to my novels. But I felt bad enough lopping off all those tree branches, and I didn't even have to grow them myself. Chopping away all those words that I spent so much effort writing in the first place? *cries* Oh well, gotta be done.

And then there's those head-desking moments where I read through my story and realize that the thing that was OMG!!!!111!!! Can't do that ever! NO! at the end of one chapter turned into "Sure, let's do it, that's brilliant" at the beginning of the next chapter. GAH! What was I thinking? Maybe there was some technobabble distinction (which didn't quite make it to the page) between Bad Thing and Good Thing, but still... *kicks self repeatedly*. So there's another reason it was a bad idea to post my fanfiction chapter by chapter as I write it.

One continuity error I just barely managed to catch, in the last round of editing in the web browser before I hit the "post" button. I had to hastily rewrite a few paragraphs to fix it. But at least I fixed it. *whew* Then there were the stupid typos (repeated words, character name mix-ups) that got through the spell-check and through all my rounds of editing that I didn't notice until weeks after it's been posted. Grrrr.

So yeah. I'll try to do better next time. (Isn't that what I say about the kites, too? Kite festival coming up soon! Must... make... kites...)

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