Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Which makes three "happy" posts in a row. It must mean something.

Actually, I'm at that stage (at around 30K words) where I hate my work-in-progress (the Doctor Who thingy I'm currently writing) and just want it to be over so I can go think about the other story I am suddenly interested in (the NaNo from a few years back that had way too many characters and a confusing plot).

Too many characters, but not a single one of them was a monkey! (I had a rabbit, a phoenix, a toad, a snake, a dog, a crow, and who knows what else, just no monkey.) And they kept wanting to fight each other. I vaguely remember getting fed up with that story because the characters were so violent all the time. But now after rereading it, I kinda want to know how it all turns out. So...probably needs another 75K words or so. Heaven knows how many more stupid unrealistic fight scenes I'd have to write. Argh. It was the whole wuxia mixed with Chinese folklore thing I had going at the time.

After taking a break, I've gotten back into the genre, what with having another try at reading the PDF of Jin Yong's "Demi-gods and Semi-devils" I have on my Kindle. The main problem is that it's in Chinese. Traditional Chinese (after I'd finally got used to simplified Chinese.) It's disheartening to turn on my Kindle and be faced with a page of half-gibberish (because my Chinese is so terrible that I only know about half the words and sort of know the meanings of another quarter of the words but don't know how they are pronounced) and slowly slowly get through a chapter. I promised myself I'd watch (one of) the TV adaptations of the novel once I finished reading it. That was...what...five years ago!? (I did read the Six-fingered Zither Demon novel in the meantime, if only to prove to myself how ridiculously unfaithful the TV adaptation was. But that's unfair. It was based on the movie adaptation, not on the novel. Still.)

Anyway...monkey monkey monkey. I was watching some TV adaptation of "Journey to the West", but as usual, I got bored before the journey part of the story even started. Bah! At least this time I got as far as the Tang monk setting off and almost reaching the mountain where the monkey is imprisoned... Well. I should watch it to the end once in my life. But this is why I actually prefer movie adaptations of the story. They can focus on easily digestible chunks of the long long long long long episodic novel. Mostly the movies assume everyone's basically familiar with the story, so they can just skip to the interesting bits, while the TV adaptations seem to drag endlessly through the origin and early life of the monkey (and accumulation of names/titles up to Great Sage Equal to Heaven etc). Of course I could just skip those episodes, but then I feel I'm cheating.

Anyway...must...finish...Doctor Who...novel... (because yeah yeah yeah, I kinda want to know how that one turns out, too, because before I get to actual typing it's all "oh, well, they do something, and somehow end up there, and then it's all bad, but then they get back and fix things, the Doctor does stuff, then sumpin' sumpin' sumpin' and we have a happy ending (except sad because so-and-so is all dead dead dead or a ghost or stuck in the 5-star afterlife hotel) and people fly off in their TARDISes hooray! We breathe a sigh of relief and vow never to do that again."

Quality control? Making sense? Revision? What's that? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

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