Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy 2016!

And it's the last day of January already. Whee!

I suppose it's better than most Januaries, since I did get about 25K words written this month. On the other hand, they are not words in my NaNo novel (any of them, come to that.) It's 25K words of a Doctor Who fanfiction I got obsessed with writing. I watched Eric Roberts playing Hades (evil evil Hades) in "Lost Girl" this fall, and I couldn't help thinking he was obviously the Master, except without the silly "Time Lord" robes he was wearing in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. Hades had one of those complicated and silly plans to take over the world typical of the Master. He was messing with everyone's heads and indulging in a bit of random murder, just like the Master. So of course it had to be him!

And then I was annoyed with the Doctor Who season finale in 2015 ("Hell Bent"). And the whole thing with Clara having about half a dozen departure fake-outs. She's leaving! Nope, she's staying. She's leaving! Just one last adventure... oh wait, she's staying again. She's leaving, definitely definitely leaving this time. Oh wait, she's back for the Christmas special. Ok, she's gotta be leaving this time, right? Ha ha, fooled you! Oh noes!!!!! Clara is DEAD!!! Truly, permanently, no takesies-backsies dead dead dead and... oh. The Doctor just saved her again. Not only that, he solved the "fragile human" thing by making her practically immortal (and we all know how well that turned out with Ashildr, the most boring immortal ever (I exaggerate)).

He shouldn't have done that, because supposedly time will break and it will be Bad. No, wait, everything's fine. La la la, two immortal women flying off in a diner in space (hey, wasn't that Sapphire and Steel, except that had a male/female pair?). And why is Clara half of this "Hybrid" when a) that isn't what a hybrid is and b) he went through exactly the same thing before with Charlotte Pollard. I would call Clara a "catalyst". It makes more sense for the "Hybrid" just to be the Doctor (but not necessarily for the half-human bit.) (And he did admit it in the end. Another retcon, but the show is full of them.) And the Doctor STILL can't cope with his loss other than by giving himself amnesia. Yeah, that's a great lesson for us all. *headdesks*

So, clearly, CLEARLY I had to combine those two ideas to write my "fix-it" (ha) while incidentally indulging in my Doctor/Master shippy fantasies and figuring out what happened to Susan (the Doctor's granddaughter) in the Time War. (And running a compare/contrast on how the Doctor and the Master treat their families, and a compare/contrast between Bo/Lauren and Doctor/Master. Something like that.) (And while being amused that the TV show was basically recycling a bunch of Big Finish plots, which were in turn possibly recycling a bunch of VNA/EDA plots, etc.) Obviously. I had to do it. *smiles and nods*

Yeah, no, it probably makes no sense to anyone else. Ah well. Hopefully I can finish it off in February, and then I can stop thinking about it. (I can already see the sequel in my mind, another crazy crossover: Doctor Who x Chronicles of the Kencyrath: "Gallifreyan Tyr-ridan". No, really, it explains eeeeeeeeeverything. Um. You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I'm going to write that. Seriously. My apologies in advance to P.C. Hodgell.)

Meanwhile, I'm posting it as I go to AO3 (the "Archive of Our Own" fanfiction site). Maybe that was a bad idea, because that just makes me worry about people reading it, and then thinking that I ought to try to make sure the novel is not too confusing to people who are not me. And then actually hoping people will read it. Bah.

Still, for me, the nice thing about fanfiction is that my threshold to sit down and start typing is way lower than it is for my original fiction. I don't even need to bribe or threaten myself. Next chapter, here we go!