Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy winter!

Happy holiday, holidays, random days, unseasonably warm rainy days, whatever...

For some reason my family went with a Hanukkah theme this year. I don't know why. Because it was already over and everything was on sale? Because the mugs were prettier? Anyway, cultural appropriation, it's the American way! Ha. But we still had the obligatory Christmas tree and the Dalek with the festive garland to guard it. Or something.

Actually, I spent the week after Christmas watching my favorite live-action Christmas special/movie/thing ever (including Doctor Who Christmas specials). My favorite animated one is probably "Rudolph", but for live action.... it's gotta be Toller Cranston's True Gift of Christmas from 1987 (as far as I can tell). Why why why has it never been released on DVD when all sorts of other cheesy ice skating specials are out on DVD or at least videotape? Instead I had only my ancient VHS that I taped off TV the one time they showed it back then, missing the first ten or fifteen minutes because I didn't know ahead of time to record it!? ARRGH!

Well, this year I looked it up on youtube. Someone posted their copy off of videotape! (Thank you thank you thank you). It is also missing the opening, but it's more complete than my copy was.

Ok, the acting is a little awkward from the child actor, and the story is as cheesy as any Christmas special, but other than that it's pure awesome. Truly. TOLLER CRANSTON! Toller Cranston (Who sadly died about a year ago) was a visionary and an amazing figure skater. This Christmas special he put together really was something special. I love the mythology/folklore/history in the tour of Christmas traditions from all across Europe. Having La Befana (played by Martha Gibson) as our befuddled guide was an inspired choice. Great costumes, great choreography, great music and cinematography. It's actually rather spooky in parts (and without needing to introduce extraneous villains/demons/ghosts/etc)! Insane and colorful, with beautiful skating (I personally don't like ballet, but put the dancers on ice and for me it's completely transformed.)

I watched it on Youtube, then spent another hour watching clips of Toller Cranston skating, then watched the Christmas special again.

Yeah, yeah, time I could have spent writing, but didn't. I haven't touched my NaNo since the end of November. I dunno. I think I'll write a Doctor Who fanfic to get me back into writing mode. Because I feel like it. Because there's this idea for a story that I want and if I don't write it, who will?

So here we are. Happy end of 2015!