Monday, November 9, 2015

I had a Plan, but the Plan keeps changing...

In which it is the morning of day 9, I have only 9500 words at the moment, and my novel suffers horribly from make-it-up-as-you-go-along-itis.

So, the usual thing, eh?

I'm still waiting to get to the part where "Eddie" drinks from the White Witch's Hot Chocolate of Command (The character is American and has no idea what "Turkish Delight" is) (but manages not to break the Law of Death, whew.)

Meanwhile, everyone else has turned Buddhist for some reason. Even the mad scientist (what mad scientist? where the heck did he pop up from? he wasn't even in the NaNo from 2013, which is the setting he belongs to) has chimed in with the "moksha" (picked instead of "nirvana" because Reasons) this and "samsara" that. Well. They can say "wheel of life" for "samsara", it pads my word count more.

Chapter 2 is 6000 words and growing. I'll have to split that up later. Most of it is a flashback. Which makes Chapter 1 seem like the prologue now. How annoying.

Every year I wait for the writing to suddenly get easier and my rate to zoom up. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. This never happens. Instead every year I end up in the "check my word count every 100 words" state while my kids say things like "It doesn't take half an hour to write one hundred words!!!" I guess not. It takes me about five to ten minutes, but I need ten more minutes to check teh Intarwebs, and the other ten to go to the bathroom, think about the plot and frantically retcon and make notes in my notes file, check my tablet, eat a snack, and um... yeah, this is when concentration becomes important. Actually sitting down and writing for the hour I claimed to be writing is a lot more productive. At least on weekdays I don't have to make instant ramen lunches for people. (It's not as "instant" when I have to chop up radishes, meat, and vegetables to put in it. And then clean up everything afterwards.)

So yeah.

This year's NaNo brought to you by the following pieces of music:

  • Schubert's string quintet in C Major, D956. Some kids from my son's music camp this summer played the first movement from this. Some (a lot) of the kids from my son's music camp are amazingly talented! Anyway, great piece, don't know why I never bought a recording of it before, makes a nice break from all the Dvorak chamber music I usually listen to.
  • Haydn's Rondo All'ongarese from his piano trio No. 25 in G. Papa Haydn channeling his inner Gypsy, who'd a thunk, eh? This was one of the pieces my son played in the music camp. Arranged for all violins, as they had a surfeit of violinists. As usual in things like that.
  • Dvorak's Humoresque (no. 7, the famous one). Because my daughter is working on this now. (In the Suzuki book. Not the Kreisler arrangement that I have on the recording, of course.)
  • Dvorak's Mazurek, op. 49. Because it was on the same Anne-Sophie Mutter album as the Humoresque and it's cute.

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