Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dang, what a dismal start...

So it's November 3, and officially I only have 2000 words so far.

It's not so much "writer's block" as "writer's meh".

I suppose some of the "meh" is that I'm recycling bits and pieces (characters, concepts, etc.) from previous years. I don't have so much of the Shiny!New!Crazy! this time around. I'm still trying to make this relationship work. (What relationship? I dunno. The one. The whatever. Another year, another variation, a different pair of characters.)

And I haven't even got to Evil!ElderGod!Narnia. Why E!E!Narnia? Why not? Because the character liked the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe better than Tom Sawyer (which she had to read for school). Anyway, E!E!Narnia is chapter 2. I'm still on chapter 1. There's a flashback/prologue floating around the back of my head. I am NOT doing a prologue, so it'll have to be a flashback. Sometime before I get to chapter 2, I would like to figure out exactly which elder gods are involved. I'm sure I have a file (multiple files) of notes somewhere about the pantheon I made up. Gah. I haven't been organized enough to even look at my own notes yet this year. I just have a vague impression that I wanted to have more of them, and that I needed to make up some I liked better than what I had so far.

*checks notes*

Oh dear god. It's going to be Yrkth-Ughulyach again, isn't it? It's always bloody Yrkth-Ughulyach (the King of Future Memory). And the other one will be Immindiyan (Mother Time). Again. Though maybe I should make one of them Malignare. Malignare, who likes to break things. Breaking things is always fun. He's the patron god of stomping on bubble wrap. Or something. If you pop enough bubbles, you can summon monsters from BEYOND. (So it is said.) While Yrkth-Ughulyach and Immindiyan are the patrons of "cereal parties" (where you take all the boxes of cereal in the house and empty them on the living room floor, and then dance around while throwing all the tissues from the box one by one.) It's an entropy thing. Just roll with it. *headdesks* You'd think it'd be easier to do NaNoWriMo now that my kids are old enough not to do that kind of thing anymore, but it isn't.

Because really, it's just me being sloooooow and terrible at the writing thing.

Tomorrow. More words. I swear. More... words... plot... things...

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