Monday, November 30, 2015

50K, blah blah blah

I eventually managed to eke out another 2000 words yesterday to reach the NaNoWriMo goal of 50000 words. Didn't finish the "episode"/chapter, though. I should do that sometime. It ended up taking more words than I expected. Everyone kept talking talking talking.

This month's novel was all either finishing up my previous novel or writing origin story stuff for characters who haven't had any proper adventures yet. I mean, I have ideas for that, but I needed to get a grasp on who the characters were, how they started, and what they think they're trying to do. So do I know all that now? Meh. Sort of.

The Evil!ElderGod!Narnia thing... ha. So I ended up having a twinned pair of the Winter Queen and Drosselmeier the Clockmaker, along with their personal minions (a goblin and the Nutcracker Prince). And the Evil!ElderGod!Aslan...erm. I think I was simply too tired by the time I got around to his appearance, so he doesn't do much at all. Just a shadow borrowing the wind's voice. Eeecchhh... I kept forgetting to write his lines in the scene. If it was an online RPG, he'd be the player who kept being AFK and skipping his turn and coming back to type in a quick half-assed menacing remark (after everyone keeps poking him OOCly to see if he's still there) before going off to do something else again IRL. Because he was bored with the character despite having jumped through a zillion hoops to get an overpowered character approved in the first case.

Anyway, someday I shall finish the chapter. But not today. Right now my brain is still too fried from watching the latest Doctor Who episode ("Heaven Sent"). Most epic montage ever. Wow. Ok. Yeah. For now, one of the few new Who episodes I rate 10/10. All the things I like about Moffat's stories with very very few of the things I hate. And Peter Capaldi nailed it. And the direction was perfect. Everything just came together beautifully. One of the few Doctor Who episodes where I enjoy 95% of it and don't have to keep my finger on the fast-forward button on a rewatch. It's very subjective, but I just really really liked it (as opposed to episodes I might think are good on some level but not to my taste).


  1. Alright, you've estimated it with such a high rank! I'm astonished. By the way, my cat's name is Aslan. Any parallels?)