Wednesday, November 18, 2015

25K! I finished! Oh wait, I'm only halfway?

Finally hit 25000 words last night, but more importantly, I finished the last two chapters of my 2010-2011 NaNo (Shambhala Lost)! Ok, so I skipped a couple of chapters in the middle. Minor chapters. One was all fight fight fight, the other was all talk talk talk. Boring. Maybe I'll think of something interesting to do with them on revision. But I finally got to...

The End

Woo hoo! Ok, so technically it's cheating to call it a "flashback episode" for this year's NaNo, but it's way more useful to me to finish a novel than to get 50K on a new one (honestly, not that big a deal). So I estimate Shambhala Lost as taking about 110K total, eventually. Looking back, it did kind of wander off from my initial conception. And I don't know about the ending. I got rid of the stupid love polygon by killing off everyone except the main couple and the one other who decided it wasn't worthwhile to play at being in love with the other character and just left. In fact, when I say "everyone", I mean every character in my story plus all the faceless NPCs of Shambhala. Shambhala no longer exists! Has never existed! We had to destroy Shambhala in order to save it! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!

Maybe that was a happy ending. The two survivors are stuck in hell, the other one in exile as a disembodied spirit. To be fair, it was a nice, pleasant hell. Because magic. True, some people in it are not so nice, but on the whole it's supposed to be an improvement. Or so they say. And so what if no one else survived with their minds or identities intact? Those people there look happy now, don't they?


The terrorists won. Just saying. (Or were they actually freedom fighters? Whatever.) Vive la Revolution!

Random whim that did the most to blow up my so-called plot (and turned a character into a pestilential DMPC): I needed to give one of the demons an unusual magical power and decided "soul-smelting" was her thing. Now, "soul-smelting" was the second-most stupidly overpowered by-application-only prestige power we had back in the ArmageddonMUSH days, and players could only learn it after sadistic staff/storyteller-run roleplaying sessions. (The first/worst stupidly overpowered special power was the "kill anyone" power, which I granted when one of the first players on the game said he wanted to play the Angel of Death (THE angel of death) and I was like, "Sure, go ahead. Just don't abuse it!" Game balance? What's that? Yeah... so I think he was so careful not to abuse it that he never actually used it. Certainly not without player consent, or I'd have drowned in complaints.) Good times! Don't botch your +Power check!

[Edit: damn, my memory is failing me. Soul-smelting was probably the 3rd worst. The 2nd one was "rune-magic", which was all speshul and rare. I think I combined elements of both for my demon character here, while making it more rare in general. Power creep ahoy. Looking back, the list of powers for that game was so random. Someday I will give one of my characters the "Truth" power. That one never worked right in a game setting.]

So, Lady Bloodless is basically the first character in my novels to have soul-smelting. Well, there was that mysterious Fae patron of Mad Jack's, but he discreetly stays off screen. Mostly. Not like ****ing Lady Bloodless, who got herself recruited into this year's NaNo. Because soul-smelting is a hot skill in the elder god prophet labor market. Or something. So now she's stalking the music center, looking like a middle-aged Asian parent making her kid take music lessons and practice an hour every day so they can get into the elite youth orchestra. But not so much that they actually want to become a musician. (They should be a doctor or engineer.) Ahem. Let's not get carried away. She has no kids, thank god. And it was only one chapter. In the other chapter she was a subway terrorist.

Actually, it's the terrorists who took over my novels. Gah. Well, the world is what it is. In fantasy fiction, it's demonic terrorists. (Am I treating them realistically? Hell, no. Pure escapism to take our minds off real life depressing stuff.)

Plan for today: finish up the Evil!Narnia episode, do 3000 words. *faints*

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