Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reading my old "100K words of random violent WTF-ery" NaNo...aka "I wrote what?!"

So there I am, thinking I need to "recruit" some characters for my latest story idea, and this person from my Shambhala novel (NaNo 2010-2011) "volunteers". Yay! Well, then, time for me to re-read the old novel and re-acquaint myself with her, right? I load up the file onto my Kindle (woot! Like getting a free novel! Ha ha ha ha ha!) and start reading...

...damn, I don't remember any of this. At all... this going to make sense eventually?

...gah, it's horrible, I want to spork it myself and mock it mercilessly...

....never let me attempt this romance thing EVER EVER again...

...*reads on in horror as the whole thing descends into a violent bloodbath*...

...wait wait wait... I thought there were supposed to be sympathetic characters in this story. Why is everyone some kind of superpowered mass-murderer!?!!!1111!!!!???!!!!! I thought Nyima was supposed to be the nice demon with a conscience? Why am I getting squicked by the hints of incest? What the hell was I thinking?!

Worst. Love polygon. Ever.

Clearly I kept adding in more violence to pad my word count. (But any attempt at pr0n would be even more painful to read.) Gluh.

*facepalms repeatedly*

No wonder Lady Bloodless wants to escape this novel and be in a better story.

Ok, ok, I'll write up the proper ending chapters and show that it was all just a passing fancy and really she never wants to see any of those other characters ever again. (Nyima and Chola can go wallow in their happy-sads, and Dawa and Norbu can go play at regime change with the Blind Frogmaker and Senge-the-ghoul as bickering advisors.)

Although I did enjoy the ancient-Shambhala flashbacks, because who doesn't like an evil empire?

So that's one. What about the characters from last year's NaNo? Are they available? actually, they seem to be stuck in a temporal knot that I haven't been able to unravel. That is, I had too many problems with my timeline and kicked the whole damn thing into a corner of my mind until they can decompose into something useful.

Plan for October:

* Finish the Shambhala thingy and start up the sequel, so I can do that for November this year.

* Learn to walk like a samurai. (What? One stray line from some anime and now I'm all self-conscious about the way I walk. Argh! On the other hand, it did make me realize that my foot didn't hurt anymore. Yay! (A few months ago, I got out of bed and found myself having severe pain in one foot...erk... tried to hobble around and walk it off... got a bit better but the pain lingered on... until... now? Huh.)) Anyway, it's something to entertain myself with while walking my dog.

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