Monday, December 1, 2014

Another year, another chunk of novel...

So I finished the 50000 words for November, ending a scene, but not the chapter, and obviously not the novel as a whole. Yes, I could have written more in the month, but I didn't. You can tell because I slacked off the first few weeks and then had to play catch-up with 2000-3000 words every day. That pace wasn't impossible. It just required more focus, and more of me going around muttering "Must write 50000 words!" and "I have to go do my 2000 words" repeated ad nauseum, which is annoying for my family.

By Saturday, my son was fed up with it and started mocking my "old lady" typing skills, LOL. (He had to learn to type fast in order to be able to chat and shoot people at the same time in those online multiplayer shooty games.) So we had a typing contest. He won. How embarrassing for me, ha ha ha! And then he wanted to prove that 2000 words was a piece of cake. So then he went and typed up his 300 word story in seven minutes and printed it out to wave at me. And then he did the sequel. Ok, so the plot was a little lacking. (I'm not sure what it was... dwarves and goblin trolls and "Give me the power." Also "Give me the internet, forsooth my power will be taken. Fish shall be fried.") Heh. Never have word wars with your children.

So yeah. Novel. Many chapters of. Must more chapters write. Before I forget to pick up the revenge thread from chapter 9 (or 8 or 10, whatever). Because I had a whole chapter with A taking that person prisoner. She must return later at some inconvenient time for VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!111111ONE111!! And I have to finish the chapter I ended in yesterday, to set up the other (bigger?) revenge thread.

Characters all sound the same. Must fix. Later.

Characters all too nice. Or else A is a gullible fool. Well. She is, or she wouldn't have started the novel being surprised by her buddy's retirement plan turning into a bloodbath.

What happened to B2?

What is the name of B'?

How did D1 sneak into B's plan? Now we will have characters A and C irritating B by looking for ghosts.

When is the Ninth Prince's Divine Flute and Demonic Drum Ensemble going to have its grand performance? Or even a demo? What do the costumes look like?

Not more fighting. Argh, the fight scenes, they suck. (Also, just watched "Battle of Wits"/"Mo Gong" or whatever it's called and these more historical fantasy movies do a bit better with the realistic-ish weapon and armor. Ancient times. Shields! Spears! Armor! Bows! No long flowing anime hair! Falling hurts! No flying around!) (But I am still doing a "flying swordsmen" novel. So whatever. Comes out weirdly though, as someone who can (basically) fly can get around even when they have two broken legs! What I don't understand is why, in that genre, people ever think that someone who fell/jumped off a cliff is dead. They never are. Also, scary high cliffs seem to be amazingly common in China. One within walking distance of every village! I suppose if I wanted to jump off a cliff, I'd go to the rock-climbing places by the river. But they don't look nearly as scary as the cliffs one sees in TV/movies.)

Well, I still want to know what happened in my story. So I guess I'll keep writing it. I may take a break and resume in January. (My younger daughter is bugging me to go work on her app now that NaNo is over.) We'll see.