Friday, November 21, 2014

When in doubt, take a prisoner

Gah. Days behind, but I finally reached 30K words. And now it's coming back to me how horrible it always is, inching forward a hundred words at a time. (Except for the spammy 500 words I flew through right before lunch.)

I'm stalling. I admit it. I have no idea how my character is supposed to succeed at this hopeless task I set her. My outline just says "A uses magic to win. It's very disturbing and alienating". Not really. My mental outline says that. The outline in my notebook doesn't even mention this incident. I interpolated it between two other events because it seemed to fit.

"Uses magic to win". Well, thank you very much. So specific and helpful. Not.

The whole interpolated incident is lame, anyway. I told my son, "This is the part where the person has to sneak into a bandit fortress and assassinate the chief bandit," and he said, "You copied that! That was in that movie you were watching!" Naturally I can't remember which movie this was, but he's probably right. He said it was some Chinese thing. I said, "Then how do you know what happened? You can't understand Chinese." He said, "You told me when we were watching it!" So not only do I not remember watching it, I don't remember translating it for his benefit, either. Argh. So brain-dead. And my son thinks I'm just pretending not to remember. Ha. I wish.

But I couldn't even get that far. I don't know how the character breaks into the fortress. Or if she even should. But I had to type enough to make my quota for tonight, so just had to make up some random garbage... hence the kidnapping! Whee. Tomorrow I can have my character ask her prisoner how to infiltrate the damn fortress. But I refuse to do the "prisoner and escort" trick. That's too cliche even for me. Besides, A doesn't have enough allies to pull that off.

So. Think of something else. By tomorrow.

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