Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stop talking to yourself, character!

All my character wants to do is argue with people. And now that she's alone, she's started arguing with herself! D'oh. It adds to the word count, but I do get tired of it sometimes.

So it's day 23, and I'm now at 33K words. Blah. Another chapter or two, and I will have reached the originally planned starting point of my novel. I feel like that writer in Gene Wolfe's short story ("My Book") who was writing his book starting with the last word, and working back from there to end with "...I will begin the preface." Heh. I wish I was half as cool as Gene Wolfe.

Latest input from my son: "You need to have a romance in it!" Yes. He insisted. Well. I would like to have a romance, but I'm so bad at it. So, for the next chapter, I am having a background romance, involving A's great-grandmother and a snake demon/fairy. Whee! But for the main characters? Hrmm. The only person A might conceivably have had a romance with is going to get killed off a few chapters from now. By A. So it sucks to be her. But even if the person hadn't died, it was a monk who wasn't going to get romantically entangled with A anyway.

Meanwhile, being tired of solo violins, I switched my soundtrack to Schumann (I've conditioned myself to write whenever I hear his 3rd and 4th symphonies) and then Beethoven. For some reason, the Emperor concerto (Beethoven's piano concerto number 5) has been going through my head. I thought I had a recording of it, but I couldn't find it, so... time for another download! There was a nice cheap one with Rudolf Serkin, so I was happy. Piano concertos 3 and 5, woohoo! Actually, I used to hate piano music. It sounded terrible to me. But then when we played some piano concertos in orchestra, I realized that it sounded MUCH better live, close-up, in an auditorium, than it did over the crappy car speakers. After that, my imagination filled in the superior sound even when listening to recordings.

I'll try to get more writing done today, but it looks like the next few hours are taken. I'm told we are having hot-pot for lunch. And as it doesn't seem to be magically assembling itself, I guess that means I have to go prepare the various ingredients. I hope the thing still works. I bought an electric hot-pot thingy last month, because it seemed too expensive to pay about $20 a person to eat it at a restaurant. I can't manage quite the endless plates of meat/fish/shrimp/fish balls/seaweed/mushrooms/vegetables/etc etc etc that they have at the restaurant, but I think I must have at least one meat, one bean curd, one seaweed, 2-3 vegetables, radishes, mushrooms, rice noodles, mung bean noodles, udon noodles, instant ramen, linguine... yeah.

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