Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've lost track of what day it is

...but I know I'm behind, behind, and even more behind. As I write this, I am at 22K.

ARRRRRGH! <--- This is me, not coping.

It's not NaNo's fault. It's the "SAD. SAD. SAD. SAD. SAD. SAD..." (with the occasional "Hungry.") for two straight days I fall to pieces at. You're sad, I'm sad, we're all sad and not doing anything productive. *clutches head and hides under the blanket (and that goes for about three of us in the family)* I tell him at least you're not going to that ultra-competitive college for magicians (the one in Lev Grossman's book) but it's not much comfort. We're still sad. And getting phone calls from the school isn't terribly helpful. Though it's amusing that when he's not sad, my son is the one telling me to go write my 2000 words and asking me what the plot is and trying to read my notebook.

Oh well.

I've sent him out to take a long walk with the dog. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. We live in hope.

As long as my words-needed-per-day is below 3000, it's still doable for me.

Though when I tried to explain my plot, it did come out sounding pretty lame. Drat. What can I say? It made sense to me in my head at the time. Of course, each time I get to a new scene and write it to find out what "really" happened, I change my mind about things and have to redo the "outline". For instance, today I had to switch two characters around so they made the reverse decisions of what I had originally planned for them. D'oh. Hmm. With any luck, it will come to some conclusion by the end of November. I would like to see how it all turns out. (That's why I'm writing this story and not some other one, after all.)

I suppose it's because I'm a simulationist at heart. The initial outline is what I get with crude approximations of the characters, and it always turns out to be inaccurate. NaNo is me running the simulation in more detail. I need to write the story because I can only run a short sequence of interactions in my head at any given moment.

The annoying thing is the backstory. I can't work those out properly until the characters start spewing out their life histories to each other. Stop! Argh! It's tell, tell, tell and no show for pages on end. I didn't show it in the first place because I thought it was boring, but the characters are incapable of being concise, damn them.


Still got lots more words to get through tonight.

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