Saturday, November 8, 2014

I can't take "it" anymore!

Right, that's that, then, I'm switching to a made-up gender neutral pronoun instead of using "it". The one that ended up working best for me was "ze" and "zer" (rhymes with "their"). It's less offensive to my eye and ear than "it". Though I will continue using "it" in things like "I can't take it" and "it's snowing" and so on. Using gender-neutral pronouns doesn't mean it's not a sexist society in my story, but people there accept whatever gender someone identifies as without worrying about the biology or personal history of possible sex changes. (Which happens more than you might think, due to people reincarnating and remembering their past lives.) Well, it's a fantasy setting. They don't have to have the same prejudices as a real life culture. This gender-switching thing must be in the air, though, as it came up in Doctor Who of all things recently (with a classic villain turning from male to female)! Total coincidence. I started with this NaNo idea ages ago, before this season of Doctor Who started.

Anyway, starting today with a word deficit. (Of course. Don't I do that every year?) Relying on cliches and tvtropes and tour package sites to get me through NaNo. If it weren't for cheesy cliches, I wouldn't even have any plot, so let's have a moment of appreciation for the old favorites. For example, today I introduce the old friend who's planning to retire after this one last trip/mission. Yep! I'm digging his grave already. And then I used the "Aha! Your father was my enemy and ruined my evil plan! Now here you are..." thing to link up a couple of my plot strands. Some revenge thing going on.

If I get at least 2000 words done today, I'll reward myself by watching the Doctor Who season finale. I'll try not to think about Dwarf Fortress. My son recently introduced me to the game. Ha ha ha! I'm playing it un-modded, for the classic cryptic experience. (Though I'm not hardcore enough to attempt it without reading the wiki and the quickstart guide.) All those little ASCII characters under my command! If only I could have them arrange themselves into words and sentences and insert them into my novel. Oh well.

I wonder if I should type out the backstory for one of the characters and include that in my word count? I don't actually want it in the novel at this point, but it's stuff I should know about. Hrmm. It could come up somewhere. Who knows? At the moment I just have some scribbled notes (much mocked by my son, who can't read my handwriting anyway.) Maybe a story inside the story. Or an outtake. Hmm.


  1. Good luck with today's word count! I had a deficit the other day as well. Not a happy feeling :( But pesky real life does tend to get in the way of always being ahead, sometimes. ;)

  2. Thanks. I'm so behind I'm not even looking at my blog. :)