Saturday, November 15, 2014


No. Not even close.

I've been a total basket-case pretty much all last week. It shouldn't really stop me writing, but I stop anyway. Oh well. So today I am at 17000 words right before I have to go make supper for everyone. It will be a frozen food day. I will do more writing later. I promise!

On the plus side, my kids did help me come up with names for characters D1, and D3 - D11. All right, yes, so far they are all minor characters who may not even show up in the novel, but every little bit helps. And having a name for D1 helped me come up with his backstory. Of course, now that I have a backstory, I had to go off and have him tell it all to character A ("Winter"). Poor Winter currently is stuck in bed with two broken legs, so she has no choice but to listen to this story. Is the story relevant? Is it just ripped off from Pu Songling's tales? Err. Maybe. And let's say "inspired by" rather than "ripped off". Mountain trolls, monks, Taoist sorcerers... um, not calling them Taoists. What was it? Disciples of the Unspoken Way? That's what I'm calling them. Not that I'm fooling anyone with that. On the other hand, I'm stealing my son's magic spell chant for the monks and making them go "ogol ogol ogol". Well. Changed it to "Ogol-daha-mi" because of reasons.

I am actually enjoying parts of the story. Whee. Not immortal prose or anything, but it's fun to hack out these cheesy cliches. Amusing to me to write stereotypical wuxia dialogue in my head in Chinese and then try to translate that into English. But I can't help having my own take on how all the magical stuff works, so it's all a mess really.

I just...have to...write...faster...more hours...

I can't help but go back and edit bits here and there. And deleting and rewriting sentences as I go. Which is against the spirit of NaNo, but since this is the only month I commit to sitting down and writing massive chunks of prose, I'm gonna do it the way I feel like doing it.

Also. Stupid outline! Y U so vague? "A somehow manages to defeat D1 and get away. D1 plants something on A?" and then "A delivers the thing to B'. B has done something clever involving time (mirrors?) so that the ritual is reversed and B wins." GAH! I ask you. What am I even going to write when I get to those scenes? I have no clue. This is probably why I procrastinate and stick in a dozen extra scenes before we get to the parts I actually had in my outline. As it is, I already pushed back the opening of my novel about 6 chapters. Ridiculous.

But how do I ever decide where to start the story? Eh? I suppose I originally had A start it. But now it's B. And I picked a different moment of disaster for A to introduce her (She had at least one before and one after that I could have used). So there's that. And to make life more fun for them all, I introduced more horror elements (alone in the house with your dead grandmother, killing fluffy animals, eating dead enemies to keep plagues from starting, etc.) Yay me.

Yes. Clearly I am still a basket-case. But I will be a basket-case who is writing NaNo words. Yeah. Any minute now.

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