Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 5: do we have enough snacks yet?

So it being NaNoWriMo, I went out and bought more snacks than usual. With another trip to Trader Joe's yesterday, I now have more boxes of crackers than I know what to do with, a bag of almonds, two bags of pumpkin seeds (why do they only have the salted ones!?), cheese, romaine lettuce, and bread. From previous expeditions to supermarkets, I have instant noodle bowls, fruit, beef jerky, potato chips, mini Kit Kats, M & Ms, real Haribo gummy bears, peach gummies, lychee gummies, spicy peas, and frozen potstickers. The problem with this is that here I am now eating leftover pork chops with TJ's pumpkin cranberry crisps and gummy bears for lunch. Hrmm.

So yeah. The hours and days of NaNo tick relentlessly on.

ARRGH! I'm at 8000 words now. Behind-ish as usual.

It takes forever to get any words out. I feel like I've been typing for ages, but when I scroll back through the file, I can't help thinking "What? Was that it?! That's hardly anything!"

And it isn't, since I'm still following the orphan boy ("Lolo")'s tale. Even though I will have other chapters in between later, I want to write down this storyline while it's fresh in my mind. This makes it seem as if Lolo is the main character in the book, since basically he's all I've written about so far!

Slow slow slow... such slowness... wow.

So every time I introduce another in the band of orphans, the story goes on hold for ten minutes while I try to think up a suitable name. Gah! "Yang Ash Peach"!? WTF? I had to pick something, and that's where my mental roulette wheel ended up. With any luck, I'll kill off 4/5 of them in the next scene. So that's something to look forward to.


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