Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 3, blech

Well, I just got to 4000 words, so it's time for my day 3 moan of "Gah! Behind already!" I was going to write much today (after writing "not much" yesterday), but then things didn't go to plan and the day is grrrrrrrrrrr bad. Oh well. I wrote about 1000 words anyway, and I'll write some more later. Just taking a short bloggy break.

So 4000 words in, and I'm still on the boy (character B2) and his dying grandmother (B2.1?). They both have names, at least. Not good ones (why did I decide to call the boy "Lolo"? Why? WHY!? LOLOLOL.... errr.... no...) but they do have them. B2 will get a new name when he gets adopted, but that hasn't happened yet.

Yeah. This was supposed to be over by now! Lolo was supposed to be with the other boys singing "Consider yourself (part of the furniture?)" or "It's a hard knock life" or something by now. But no. This intro section is going on and on. Well, at least it's words on the page.

To be fair, it's also our introduction to B (the goddess character). The original B, before the messy business of incarnation happens. And yippee, I also have a name for B! (A rip off, but who cares?)

The hard part was writing 4000 words and hardly using any singular third person pronouns. Man, this calling everyone "it" thing is killing me. Stupid. More with the "it" faster, and I'd be used to "it" by now. But I'm not. Maybe I should have gone with "zie" instead. Ah well.

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