Friday, November 28, 2014

3 more days, 7000 more words

Well, 7000 more until 50000. At which point I will probably have reached the part in my original outline that was "the beginning". I think I just accidentally wrote the prequel to my novel. D'oh! That's ok, it means I was secretly a "pantser" all along. Or something. Or I'm always more interested in writing things other than what I'm supposed to be writing. So next year I will pretend to be writing the sequel to this novel and accidentally end up writing this year's planned NaNo. Right? Right?

Annoyance of the day: accidentally deleted all the mail in my inbox. Grrr. This was the primitive linux mail utility, which means gone is gone. (Like the time I was "organizing" my files and had a "what, you didn't really mean to rm -r * from that directory? LOL!" moment. Lucky I had a backup. Good old unix things.) Well, probably there's some way to recover it, but I don't care enough to spend time to figure it out.

Fantasy cliche of the day: Everyone thinks you're a traitor, when actually you're secretly a demon. As a result, you get kicked out of your organization. Teh traumaz! (Well, no. The character decided to go on an extended vacation before seeking a new job.)

Musical selection of the day: String quartets (and quintets) by Antonin Dvorak. I don't mean just the "American" (quartet #12, op. 96), but also especially numbers 8 and 9. I have a recording of those two with the New Vlach Quartet which is one of my favorite things ever. Love the super-mysterious second movement of #8. And the second movement of quartet #14 has been going through my head this morning. Right. That should get me through some words today!

So... 7000 words. That's about two chapters for me. Not so bad. On the other hand, my story will not be finished. Although... thinking about it... it could be the cliffhanger ending for part one of a series. It almost works. Even if it is a downer.

Sometime in the next three days I have to decide what this "magical superweapon" that I mentioned in my outline actually is. Crazy immortal collects antiques and supernatural artifacts. It could be anything! (Except the zither of doom. That one's already been used in someone else's novel.) Some kind of single-use item would be best, or some multiple-use item that is superpowered if you overcharge it and destroy it. That kind of thing. Ten thousand year Persimmon of Ultimate Destruction? Hmmm.

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