Thursday, October 23, 2014

One more week to plan?


November is almost upon us.

I have been writing down some notes and the beginnings of an outline. Nothing too original or shocking. It starts with character A. A will be introduced as a caravan guard. A respectable career for a martial artist in this setting (as opposed to being a brigand or a gangster). Associated with character A are fellow guards A2, A3, and A4. And then the Bandits (group 1) and then the other Bandits (group 2). And then the wife, baby, and brother of character A2. Character A will of course also have a Secret Family Power, that A hardly ever uses because it's so EEEEEEVIL. But I still need to make up a name for it. Not only do characters need names, so do their various martial arts and mystical powers. Bah, humbug.

I suddenly realized I need some kind of antagonists. To start with, we have the Bandits (group 1 and group 2). Then we have A2, who made a deal with the Bandits (group 2). But A2 dies well within the introductory chapters. So then what? Time for another group of antagonists! I don't have a name for them, either. ARRRGH! Wait, yes I do: I'm calling them the "Godless Mountain Anti-God Sect". So we have character D1, a monk, who shows up on the scene to save A's life. This is so we can use the time-honored wuxia trope of "my savior is also my enemy! Oh noes!"

D1 leaves. Time passes. A is hired by character B2. B2 lasts for a chapter or two, then dies. A barely escapes. It's an attack by the GMAGS! (Honestly, I'm not making up ridiculously long names just to inflate my word count. They just seem long because I've forgotten too many words and am left with only simple words to string together to form names.) Then we go into the whole "on the run from strong enemies and nearly dying, but by some lucky chance managing to survive" cliche. But no one is jumping or falling off any cliffs today. So there! Anyway, D1 bites the dust.

That means it's time for the really nasty and despicable member of the GMAGS, D1's elder D2. Tremble at the awesome power of D2! Fear the D2!

No no no no no. Wait. We have B and C to introduce first. Except C will only appear in this one chapter before morphing into C', the "Ugly" form of C. C being "Immortal Beauty Phoenix Heart." Can you be any more vain?

Yeah. I'll think about it some more. There must be some kind of ending I can aim for. Probably a chapter where A, B, and C almost die. C comes to terms with the new B and stops being their enemy. D2 gets killed. A, B, and C get married and... no wait, they don't. They swear brotherhood and ride off into the sunset together to meet their next adventure, having become the kinder, gentler version of the GMAGS.

What A, B, and C have in common is that they are all three hybrids: half-human, half-demon/god. If one half-breed is a popular cliche, just think how much more fun it is with three of them!


  1. I've got some notes, some plot points jotted down...but I don't really want to over plan it. I might just write what I've got so far, and then come back to the notes later in November when I need to plan a bit more.

    WOOHOOOO, it's nearly time!! :)

  2. Less than a week now!

    I find I need a plan, though. The plan may change, but I feel better when I have somewhere I think I'm going. :)