Sunday, October 26, 2014

Last weekend before Halloween. And NaNoWriMo!

Moar Pumpkins! Woot. I now have enough pumpkins for Halloween.

So. What about enough plot for NaNoWriMo?


I think I know where I want this story to end. I'm dragging in character E as a diversion. E will be the standard Wicked Prince. The father of the orphans.

It seems to be a Thing, in Chinese fantasy, that people will adopt orphans to train up as their loyal weapons. The orphans will owe their foster parent their lives, and give them their filial devotion. (The ones who don't get killed off early.) Sometimes the adopter will be super-evil, sometimes just run of the mill evil, sometimes neutral, and once in awhile even a good person. Sometimes the orphan will have one foster parent who loves them and one foster parent who ends up hating them. Sometimes the orphan siblings will fall out as one of them rebels against the wickedness of the foster parent.

So what is this to do with my plot? B will be tracking down one of these orphans, B2, who is the last survivor of the tribe that used to worship B. B2 will be my sacrificial lamb this year. Or is that too obvious? There will be some connection between C and B2. Remember that C was one of those orphans too, or nearly. Possibly his parents sold him when he was a toddler.

I say fantasy, but these things aren't as far-fetched as all that. Even in my family, things like that have happened (adopted children, being sold a boy servant by a poor family, having a girl passed off as a boy, long-lost offspring turning up unexpectedly, etc.) Even the traditional healer types exist, and people claim to be able to manipulate their (and your) "qi". Although the fellow who claimed to be able to do it over the phone must have thought everyone was truly gullible!

There we are then.

A few more days before the WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! begins.

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