Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bye bye, "alternate history"! Hello, "it's fantasy, stop bugging me about facts"!

All right, so I didn't get any writing done this summer (unless I do some this final week!), but I did end up randomly reading a bunch of books as "research" for the NaNo I was working on last year. Too little, too late, one could say, but hey, it was fascinating stuff: the history of slavery in Maryland and Virginia, the relations between the Africans and the Native Americans. In school and in popular consciousness we usually get the European-African and European-American angles, but not so much the one between the two "Other" groups. And it's relations between various "Others" that I wanted to explore what with the whole H.P. Lovecraft pastiche I was doing, inserting my own invented eldritch horrors into the mix, and seeing how each culture would deal with it.

Well, clearly, I didn't get very far with that, did I? Never even got to 50000 words last November.

But now after a summer of not writing, the plot bunnies are jumping on my head again. I think I will revisit. Only this time I'm mixing the 2012 and 2013 NaNo settings and doing everything in a complete fantasy setting.

No more worrying about "authenticity". It was never going to be authentic anyway. Worrying about it doesn't help me. I'd do the research whether I worried or not, and still get things wrong whether I worried or not.

Here we come, eldritch horrors in crazy wuxia hero land. Err. What?

No, no, it's like this. I didn't like any of the novel plots (what plots? I can't even remember what they were supposed to be, that's how good they were) I tried. I'd rather do episodic adventures around a central gang of heroes (or whatever). I have a few ideas in mind. Ideas, but no names yet. We'll see where this goes.

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