Friday, June 20, 2014

June already? Dang...

So here I am still writing code, not fiction. Is self-publishing an app easier or harder than self-publishing a novel? Heh. It's all a big pain in the butt, as in, gotta get off it and do stuff. So many bits of stuff... register on sites, figure out legal foo with the Tax Gods, test the app, write an appealing description of the app, test the app some more, get decent images to upload, look for ways to promote the app, try not to spend too much more money, etc.

It looks like everyone expects their apps for free these days. So then one has to go the ad-filled route. Ugh. At least e-books seem free of that so far. I mean, how annoying would it be to read five pages, then have an advertisement shoved in your face?

Why am I even doing this? I suppose it's the same with apps as with stories: I want thing X to exist, it doesn't, I have to make it myself. And having gone to the trouble of making it, I want to share it with other people and get some return on my investment.

But probably I will want a break from this headache soon, which means it will be time to whip out my handy-dandy Nexus 7 and start writing again. I still have 2013's NaNo to finish! (I'm almost used to typing on the touch keyboard.) It's so portable! I installed a drawing app on it! It's totally convenient. It's only the mental block I have to overcome. But then again, my app was so small it hardly seems worth the effort unless I make a Big Damn Game next. We'll see what happens in July... write fiction? Write code? Hmm.