Friday, March 7, 2014

So now I want to do a point-and-click adventure...

Hello, March! March 2014!? Gah.

I dropped all my coding projects last year when November and NaNoWriMo came around and demanded that I participate. Err. Ok, yeah, all my own choice. D'oh! But in any case, I didn't do any coding for the next couple of months. February rolled in and I had forgotten all the ActionScript 3 I had been trying to learn. So before I picked up my incomplete project again, I basically started over again with learning the language. What's the easiest game to code? A point and click adventure! Yeah!

I remember playing a bunch of those back in the day. And more recently, too, in the form of those "room escape" puzzles. I dunno. I kinda like them.

So one thing led to another and I basically coded my own point-and-click-adventure engine. And it seems a shame to waste the effort on a pathetic lame prototype. What to do, what to do?

Obviously, I must now make my own point-and-click adventure game! I swear, the code bunnies are as bad as the plot bunnies. But... but... hey! Shiny new idea!

So, it will be a series based on fairy tales... the first one will be built around the idea of "Help! My stepmother is trying to get me killed!" It's funny how a lot of traditional fairy tales are already like classic adventure games. (To kill the monster, you need to find its life, which is hidden inside obscure object A which is inside obscure object B in obscure location C etc. etc., and in order to find that out, you have to help the friendly NPC with their problems...)

Stop stop stop...

Never mind all that. Must... finish... other... project... first. It's amazing how many twiddly little details you need to do for even the simplest game. Achievement medals? Save game? Multiple saved games? Animated tutorial sequence? Better sound effects? Ugh. The TODO list just gets longer and longer.

But I gotta say, while coding is similar to fiction writing in the sense of "it's nice to have written something", the actual process of writing code and testing/debugging is more enjoyable for me than writing fiction and editing/revising.

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