Monday, November 4, 2013

Start earlier, write faster

Well, that's all there is to it, really, isn't there?

I did the lock-myself-in-the-library thing today. Did about 1800 words in 3 hours. At that rate, it'll be hard to finish NaNo in time. I'm sure I've been closer to 900-1000 words per hour in the past, but that involves more typing and less backspacing. Argh! Maybe if I get more desperate I can force myself to just keep going, instead of sitting there staring at the screen, typing a sentence, then erasing it and rewriting. (I used to do that in text games, too, but other players expect a relatively quick turnaround, so that made me write faster.)

I'll try to get a bit more done today (not likely to get caught up, but not falling further behind is a plus), then go to the library again tomorrow.

Random element of the day: hexagonal cats. What the heck are hexagonal cats!? I have no idea. Are they related to spherical cows?

Random quote of the day from one of my kids: "Show me your blog. Because I desire to see it. Aren't you not supposed to make blogs?" (Me: "Done yet? If you say anything else I am going to type it.") "No. Nah no." "What about the thing I said about cats?"

5000 now.

That's 1/10th. Whee.


  1. YAY for 1/10th!

    I write really fast, and very rarely do any backspacing. That is the key - not caring that you've just written a POS paragraph. :) Though I admit on the very odd occasion I HAVE deleted a sentence or para I just wrote. Very rarely.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I should force myself to just keep going forward.