Friday, November 8, 2013

It's week 2!?


I'm waaaayyyy behind. I didn't feel like writing for a couple of days, so I didn't. Inspiration has nothing to do with it. I never ever feel "inspired" to go off and write fiction. (As opposed to blog posts, forum posts, world building notes, story ideas, code, online roleplaying games, etc. etc.) Well, hardly ever. And never for more than 100 words at a time. And the last time that happened was probably the first week of NaNo last year. Other than that, it's just "I do want this written, and it's not writing itself, so I'd better sit down and type." So. It wasn't lack of inspiration. It was more that I felt I had made some strategic errors in how I had set up my story (it's supposed to be Lovecraftian horror-ish something or other, or so I claim) and I have no clue how to fix it now without starting over completely (which I don't want to do.)

I should have thought more about the plot before starting! This is why I've never been much of a "pantser" writer. I admire people who can pull it off, but I suck at it. It's not that I stick to my outlines, but the outlines do help me with seeing the overall structure of the plot (such as it is). This year I have no outline at all. So at the moment, I find elements missing in my story (too many people killed off before the point at which my main character enters it!).

In order to reach 50000 words and any kind of conclusion... guess I'll have to improvise!

Today, so far, it's been 1500 words of... nothing happening. Argh. Last year, my novel flew along at a break-neck pace (to the point where people I tried showing it to had trouble following it). This year, it's the opposite. But still, one gleans tidbits here and there about the characters from actually writing it all out. Sunanda is a vegetarian! The Director is a weird hairless person who has apparently been in quarantine in the old farmhouse for over two years! Bell and Webster always eat... lunch... together. The sysadmin doesn't say much! Jules likes the biometric security system (it makes her feel like she belongs!)

So yeah. Lots of random trivia. Not much happening.

I also spent most of my "writing time" today surfing the net looking for something completely pointless to help with a game I'm not even supposed to be playing during November. Bad Taisch! No cookie! (At 8500 words as of this post).

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