Friday, November 1, 2013

It's begun...

...and my character is still stuck at the Metro station.

So I'm not too sure about the story having begun, only NaNo.

But I've done 500 words and the main character has a name, so I'm here (and there, and everywhere) procrastinating. And asking myself "why? why? WHY!???"

Why is there a Harry Potter reference in my NaNo? I don't even like Harry Potter.

Why do I have flashbacks? They suck. And just when I'd freed myself from the "mysterious prologue" disease this year. Damn damn damn.

Why can't I work on my game instead? Or my webpage. I feel that I should have a webpage. I made my game link to my webpage, only there's no point when I don't have one! (Beyond a blank placeholder thing.) Well, I'll start a separate blog for that, to keep that stream of babble from infecting my NaNo blog any further.

Why am I procrastinating, when I know it's just setting me up for hours of pain later tonight when I try to catch up on my word count?

Why do I think I can do 5000 words a day when it's this much of a struggle just to hit 500?


"Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. YEAH!" I put those loops in my NaNo soundtrack song for a reason, didn't I? Why don't I listen to myself?!

Right. I have to get my character out of the Metro station by the end of today. I really will. Yeah.

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