Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another day, another thousand words...

...wait wait wait, wasn't it supposed to be two thousand words every day?


Yeah. D'oh!

But I got to the end of the mini-story I had within the novel, doesn't that count for something? I mean, it had a beginning, middle, and end. Sort of. And it even had the whole horror thing going! I introduced a new cult (apparently Captain Jean Fortier was a Deacon of the Chronarchy, despite being a "God-fearing man")! Yeah? Yeah?

Gah, my eyes are killing me. Maybe I'll have to do the next 35000 words with my eyes shut. Maybe that will actually be an improvement. Let's see how well I can touch-type. *opens eyes to check* Hmm. That wasn't too bad. But my hands may slip and then I'll end i[ tu[omg ;ole tjos. Bah.

Or maybe I should just write the rest of the novel using only cliches. (What was my motto? "All cliche, all the time"? Something like that.)

Questionable narrative trick of the day: I was doing that first-person "interview transcription" thing for my mini-story. Only then I came to the part where the narrator swore an oath to the Deacon not to tell anyone ever about what they did. And he keeps his oath. Argh! So I went to all the trouble of thinking up the details of what happened, and now I can't tell anyone about it! *slaps self for being silly* All I could do was hint darkly and drop in a little "foreshadowing" (since the person was telling someone else about it years later) and hope for the best. And because of the form of the narrative, I couldn't directly say what had happened to the narrator, either. Oh well. It's not like I was subtle with the "hints". I don't do subtle.

The bad part about ending a section is that it's harder to jump back into the next section I need to work on. I think I left off in the middle of a phone call. I need to make Jules seem really close to her mother. That way it will be more fun when I do evil things to her mother. Ha ha ha. It seems this novel will have at its core a guilt trip horror for Jules, since it will be ALL HER FAULT. How I'm going to get there... yeah. This is where having an outline before I started would have come in handy. I HAVE NO F***ING CLUE. See the caps? SEE THEM? That's how clueless I am.

Day 17. 15000 words. I'm so doomed.

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  1. It's true it can be hard to pick up when you've just ended a section. But I have note blurbs for each new bit so I at least know what I'll be writing next. I've just sometimes found it hard to get that first line written out.