Friday, October 25, 2013

Time for a musical interlude...

OMG! OMG! One week until NaNo starts. Plot? Characters? Huh? But at least I've coded my new idiotic embedded Flash music playing thinga-majig. Woo hoo. Or something. I've just spent the last half hour clicking around on the little bar making the song skip back and forth and admiring my rectangles. It's scary how many web pages I had to read to make something this trivial work.

Relevant to my NaNo? Of course it is. This is one of the songs of the Remnant. The Remnant have sold themselves thought by thought, choice by choice, to the King of Future Memory. They no longer have a future, nor any voice of their own. Thus their words are all stolen from others. They have no original songs of their own. All they have is a patchwork of borrowed sounds. [edit: oops, I was messing with the code and now it's my mini music box. Let's just say they're all random Remnant songs. Yeeeah...]

So what did the Remnant buy?

Protection, and survival. As always. Having foreseen a future in which they willing give themselves to the Breaker of Worlds, the Remnant cut away their own potential selves. Now they wander the Drift like ghosts, like echoes, like the lingering smell of a bad footprint. Sometimes they latch onto a living person and become Ughuls. They operate under the cover of their ubiquitous chain of gas stations and snack vendors.

But do they lurk in boxes? Do they? Do they ship themselves to people in packages? Hide in barcodes and proof of purchases? I have no idea.

In fact, I have no idea how I'm going to do this NaNo at all. It's going to be more useless babble than ever. I need to finish it early, as I'm heading out of town (AFK!) for Thanksgiving.


  1. luv it.. and the music is awesome while reading this post about the Remnant!

  2. Thanks. :) Now if only I could generate lines of novel as quickly as I can spam lines of code...