Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October? You've got to be kidding...

So where did 2013 go? Eh? Eh? I don't even know. Eaten by the (Doctor Who missing episode) Omni-rumour, no doubt.

So it's October. Am I even doing NaNo this year? I have a few story ideas, but gah. I'm so blocked.

So, to get me started this year, I will just type random things in this useless blog. Hey, I'll babble about what I had for dinner. I'm sure everyone cares deeply about that. Yes.

Sausages, soybeans, potatoes, mushrooms => stir-fry (in oil with chopped up jalapeno and onion). Baby bok choy => stir fry. The sausages were from Trader Joe's. Not our favorite "sun-dried tomato" flavor, but it was ok. I love baby bok choy. Note I got that from the Chinese grocery store, NOT the TJ's, which only sells bok choy in tiny, expensive 1-serving portions. Come to think of it, this is also true for their packages of frozen shelled soybeans. I should have used the bigger package from the Chinese store.
Day before yesterday
(Curry) chicken lentil soup. I used organic free-range chicken legs for this, because I'm lazy (it's easier to split up evenly) but it probably tastes better with a whole chicken. (I always use the organic free-range chicken for this, as it tastes much better and doesn't have a bad smell!) Didn't use any bean curd in the soup this time. Nor leeks. Did have carrots, a potato, a jalapeno pepper (chopped up), ginger (in small chunks), and a bit of barley (I had half a package lying around.) Used up the last of the jar of curry powder. (I could have sworn I had a new jar lying around... but that turned out to be a delusion on my part.)
Before that
Trout fillets. Rinse the trout, cut each fillet along the spine to make two and mush it around in the marinade. Marinade: olive oil, lemon juice (fresh lemon!), soy sauce, scallions (chopped finely), ginger (thinly shredded). Smear the fish with cayenne pepper. Ha ha! I love cayenne pepper. Heat frying pan, put in fish, pour in marinade, add a bit of water as needed. Cook on low-medium for awhile (about 8-9 minutes), flip over, cook other side. Vegetable: stir-fried leafy things (probably baby Chinese broccoli). Corn bread. Appetizer: shrimp. Ok, I wasn't confident about the shrimp. I botched the shrimp from the frozen packets last time I tried it. My younger daughter saw the BIG shrimp when we were at the store and made me buy them. They were already cleaned, so I just rinsed them and cooked them with the shells on (for improved flavor). Rubbed them with a bit of salt, then dropped them in the frying pan to cook in a bit of oil (along with some shredded ginger). More cayenne pepper! Ok, so cooked on medium-high for a few minutes, flipping them over to get both sides. When done (pink), served hot! With cocktail sauce. Delicious!
Before that
My memory fails me. Um. Did we bring home pizza? Possibly. Ok. The day before that, then. Was it the stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots and bean curd (which no one likes except me)? (Served with steamed rice, usually.) Or was it the rice noodle thing? (That's ground pork, this time with Chinese eggplant, mung bean sprouts, tomato, onions, hot pepper, etc., with the hair-thin rice vermicelli added in for the last 6 minutes along with heaps of water. Even after soaking it, the rice noodles suck up a lot of liquid when you cook them.)
Before before...
Never mind!
So there. I can be verbose about nothing if I want. What's 50,000 words? Bah!

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