Friday, October 4, 2013

NaNo continues to call...

...and I can't help picking up the phone.


"Write a novel!"

"Um. That never works. Why don't I tell you about what I had for dinner this week? Turkey burgers (with cheese!) and stealth onions (the Boy did Not Approve). Pasta (butterfly) with (beef) marinara sauce. With unstealthy eggplants (I had one left over.) ("Ewww! Eggplant!"). Broccolini..."

"Novel! Write!"

"Ok, ok, fine. Whatever."

So yeah. I do have a few ideas rolling around in my head. Not sure which to go for yet.

  • There was that game I was running back then with a couple of friends. It died before anyone figured out quite what was going on. There was Sabokan county. There were the agents from the Hexagon (just like the Pentagon. Except it has six sides!) There was the weird stuff afflicting the antique dealers. Now I want to make it as a traditional point-and-click adventure game. But I probably won't. So I'll just write the novelization instead. With a new set of characters. So. Option one is "In the Drift: the Cardboard Age". In which we learn the power of Colors.
  • Then there's the untold story of Grandmother Goose (obviously the predecessor of Mother Goose, the head of the Goose Sisters, the martially inclined sect of shapeshifting nuns.) And also her adoptive daughter, the Broken Jar. Wacky hijinks ensue. This is in theory the same universe as the one I used for the Shambhala story I did in 2011 and 2012. I just need a plot. And stuffs.
  • Prequel to last year's story. That whole business with the lost colony ("The Threshold of Night"). Yeah? What was that all about? How did the TechnoPax Virus turn people into gods? And fairy tale creatures? And did they ever figure out a way to coexist with normal humans? Did Ash and Nik's intervention make things better or did they make things worse? Maybe I know and maybe I don't.
So that's three. Of course, it's not the idea that counts but the execution(sounds fatal). Let's see what happens come November.


  1. It's a great problem to have - too many ideas. :) Better than none at all!

    I'm excited for NaNo, but then that's nothing new!

  2. Ha ha. I say I'm burnt out and not excited, but then October comes around and it all creeps up on me!