Friday, October 11, 2013

It's true! They're back... which I mean missing episodes of 1960s era Doctor Who, of course. And according to the rumormongers (some of them with real sources, as far as I can tell), there's more to come. Wow.

So that's "Enemy of the World" pre-ordered, then. I'll watch it after I finish NaNo this year. That's my incentive! More Patrick Troughton!

Initially I thought I'd rush out and buy them for download, but it seems they're only on iTunes, and I don't want to install iTunes on my PC. So. What's a few months? I didn't see "Tomb of the Cybermen" until about ten years after it was recovered. Just knowing all these old episodes have been found gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.

So. Gotta do the NaNo, then. I'm leaning towards the "Cardboard Age" story today. Bits and pieces of it continue to fall into my head. It's sort of a horror/dark fantasy where the protagonist falls out of the normal world and into the Drift. Influences: H. P. Lovecraft, Jonathan Carroll, Jonathan Boakes, Christopher Priest, Diana Wynne Jones, Lewis Carroll. I'm also going to have the story-within-a-story type of thing going on. I'm thinking innocent children's tales about the adventures of a gang of ugly undersea creatures (a grumpy anglerfish, a pufferfish, a goblin shark, an eel, etc.) How do they connect? Ha ha ha, that would be telling. (In other words, I have no clue. Yet. I think those characters are actually the original Color terrorist/freedom fighters.)

Anyway, it's only October 11. Early days yet. I still have a couple of weeks to assemble my soundtrack. So far, my mutant creations are only about 1-2 minutes long. I like to have a playlist that takes about 50 minutes to loop through. (So I can write for 50 minutes and then take a break.) Man, this is gonna be painful. How many more innocent folk tunes are going to suffer at my hands? And I'll need to make some "horror" tracks to get me in the mood. I have one so far. Used a klezmer tune, "de-bounced" it and added a bunch of synth effects, mwah ha ha ha ha!

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