Monday, October 7, 2013


Computers are magic.

For about the same amount of money I could have spent buying two novels (new, hardback), I downloaded Sony's ACID Music Studio 9.0. It's amazing how much this stuff can do nowadays. My younger daughter and I are completely addicted. It's stupid, but now I, too, can have my overly dramatic A melodic minor scale and arpeggio looping over and over again until I go crazy!

Don't you like A minor?

If this doesn't make you want to jab pencils in your ears I don't know what will...

Yep. I'm going to make my OWN soundtrack for NaNo this year. All kinds of horrible jingles and jangles set over catchy dance beats and random loops from the "Continental Drift" collection. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!

Why? Why why why?

Ok, this is what comes of being both impulsive and obsessive. I actually probably like coding better than I like writing. So after watching all my kids play MineCraft, I realized that Java had become a viable coding language for games. So my goal is now publishing computer games rather than novels. Ha ha ha ha. No, really. So my desk and bed are now surrounded by heaps of Java books. It's ridiculous. Back in the day, my C book (the K&R, of course) was a slender paperback (less than 300 pages. Pure elegance.) Now everything is a bloated godawful mess. Some of them are filled with typos. Highly irritating when it's in the sample code. But I bought multiple books in the hopes that reading about the same thing in different versions would make it make more sense. I must say that the "for Dummies" one was not. It was too technical for someone not already familiar with computer jargon, but annoyingly verbose and newbie-oriented where it didn't need to be.

Anyway, so after the "rock paper scissors" (I can haz clicky buttons! And pop-up windowses!) and "move item around to catch a target" (I can haz keyboard controls! And crude animation! And wallses! And high score lists!) I made my first "real" game. (In the sense of something someone might actually want to play), so I had to find my own music and images from somewhere, rather than stealing copyrighted material...

Damn it! I'm supposed to be coding, not playing with the music program. Yeah. Well. In theory I'm delegating the music and art portions of my project to my kids. (No, seriously, my older daughter is into digital art, has her own real drawing pad and a few years of practice already.)

So yeah. Right now my next computer game idea is competing for headspace with the NaNo ideas (and the hope of more old Doctor Who episodes to watch). FIGHT!


  1. I think this is an awesome idea.

    I have written songs inspired by my stories before, so I say why not? :)

  2. Oh, how hilarious, that soundtrack! Doesn't make me want to jab pencils into my ears at all. I love the fiddle in the middle...

  3. Heh heh. Thanks. It's amazing what one can do with some MIDI and a bunch of pre-recorded loop libraries. (I'm too shy/lazy to record myself playing or singing.)