Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gah, it's 2013

And most of a month into it, too.

This year I resolved to get feedback on my novel from two new recruits (poor fools! one of them I've known for years, another I met during NaNo 2012) and make an attempt to revise the story into submission. Or something like that.

It's actually very helpful, and I even agree with much of what they say (ironically, it's often the same type of comment I make when reading other people's writing!), but damn, fixing the problems is another matter entirely. I find I'm fine with deleting things, but adding stuff? Fleshing out characters or writing in a new scene? ARRRGH! I know I should. It would improve the pacing. It would improve the characterization. But still, ARRRGH!

Does this mean I finished my first draft?

*pause for hysterical laughter*

No, but if I commit to sending another couple of chapters each week, I'll run out of my existing draft and be forced to continue. In addition, having reread the earlier sections, I'll have a better idea of where I should go with the story. In theory.

*pause to hug theory warmly*

Yes, well, I did think about the plots and characters and stuffs. (And buy a bunch more books... it's an addiction.)

*stares in a daze out the window... mmm.... snow....*

February? It's not February yet, is it? No no no...

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