Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Post-NaNo slump

December 5 today... and I've only written about 1000 words in the damned story (the one I started for NaNo).

Without the deadline, it's like "I'm not sure what happens next... does this work? Hmm, let me think about that some more", whereas in November, it's "I'm not sure what happens next... does this work? Hell with it, I need to get the words down."

It was nice to catch up on some sleep. That ended just before midnight on Sunday when I was hauled out of bed to help with algebra homework. Gah. Lying under the nice warm blankets in the dark, one really doesn't want to move. And in that half-dream state, it's so easy to visualize the equations on a mental blackboard. Why am I not telepathic enough to transmit that image to someone else!?!!!! And then two out of three of my kids want me to "supervise" them for their (instrumental music) practice sessions. This seems to mostly consist of me saying things like "Play that again. Do the triplet section again. Again. Again. That was out of tune. Listen! Play that again, slowly. Again. Again. Now faster. Again. Play it again. Now play the whole thing. Yes, with the repeats! Don't let your pinky escape! Put the stick down, that's not your bow! Don't bang your flute on things! Stop spinning! Play it again. Again. Slightly faster. Don't drag! Don't rush! Start upbow! Upbow! No, the other way! Ok, that was better..." and being the Mommy Metronome. It's a good thing I'm not a music teacher (no patience.)

Ok... so I guess NaNoWrimo works as "supervision" for writing, ha ha. The deadline says "Write words today! Now do it again. Now do it again. Again." I just need to set more deadlines for myself, and announce it publicly so that shame will force me to stick with it. Blah.

Current goal: finish first draft of NaNo2012 story.

Estimated wordage: 75K (seems on the short side for fantasy novels) for book one. I could be completely off in that estimate. Guess I'll have to write it and find out!

Secret future goal: I want to find out exactly what happened in the prequel that I kept hinting at in the current story. I need to write that soon.

Not secret future goal: Edit! Revise! Get something decent out of all this wordage!

Let's do it.


  1. Hah!
    I second that about being the Mommy Metronome. Plus, my daughter has to learn the notes in two name systems, ABC and DoReMi, so everything takes twice as long...
    Can't believe you do it with two kids.

    75k is a lot. My story last year was finished at 48k, and this year 56k. I guess I'm just a novelette kind of gal.

    Good luck with the slump. I know it well.

  2. Thanks.

    Ha, it used to be three kids until one of them learned the art of self-supervision. But ABC notes were hard enough, I didn't even try DoReMi!