Friday, November 23, 2012

YARRGH! It's day 23!

<panic mode>...and I only have 31K words!</panic mode>

This writing thing. It's always like pulling teeth.

I've never pulled anyone's teeth, but after personally witnessing the literal truth of expressions such as "nit picking" (and I don't mean my inner editor), "slippery as an eel", "pissing contest", and "steaming pile of shit" (and I don't just mean my so-called novel), I'll trust that "pulling teeth" can be believed to be difficult.

At any rate, every time I check my word count, it seems it's only crept up by 100-200 words. Damn it.

Of course, yesterday, every time I checked my word count, it remained the same. Novel, why u no rite urself!?

After 30000 words, I've almost reached the point in my story where I started thinking about it. It's always like this. I have an initial conception, a scene, or some characters in mind. Then I wonder how they got there, and so I end up writing a long long long backstory. This time, it's because I filled in some blank character slots with characters from my previous NaNo stories. They brought a lot of baggage with them. In fact, they seem to have settled in and evicted my original 2012 NaNo characters!

Ah well, it's ok with me. There was no particular reason to write one story or another, so whatever comes to mind will do. (See, so much for the outline that I didn't make!)

Today I had two more characters appear. It turns out that the little dog was actually working for evil warlord XXX! (That XXX! I need to kill him off tonight.) And there's a wolf. I don't think he'll last long in this story, though. He has enough sense to skedaddle before someone kills him off. You see, he recognized the rat as being a shameless ripoff from the Legend of the Condor Heroes and... no, wait, I didn't say that. If I use the "Beggar Clan" and the "Dog-beating stick", it's an homage and an inside joke, not stealing. So there!

Look, that's about 350 words I just wasted on this so-called blog! Words, why u no be in my novel!?

Food, then back to writing...

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