Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is not called "catching up"

Day 17, and I'm starting this morning at 21000 words.


I wish my plot was better. Where is my magic plot-improving wand!? Stupid plot! Everyone just plods along in predictable ways. Well, it would have to be predictable by me, since I'm the one who wrote it. But wouldn't it be nice to be surprised by your own plot twists? (And I don't mean like in those movies famous for their "plot twists" where just hearing the premise and being told there IS a plot twist, the supposed twist is obvious. *cough cough* Sixth Sense *cough *cough* I mean the stories where things veer off in ways that I never expected at all, but not in a WTF out of character way.)

Plot twists? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I wish I had some.

Nope. I'm just sending my characters on the plot choo-choo... ugh. Well, the only surprising thing last night was that the Rat had an imperial seal from the previous-previous dynasty. O...kay... And they're going to use it to trick some bandits? What bandits? There were no bandits in my original "outline" (what would have been my outline if I'd sat down and written one, which I hadn't.) Apparently I got sick of typing about the soldiers here and soldiers there blah blah blah.

So now we have bandits. Ugh. Why is a nice girl like her (the schoolteacher's daughter) getting mixed up with bandits? Isn't that dangerous? I blame it on the Rat.

I also need to think up a new batch of names. The past few days I've been writing about the need for revenge on XXX! That bastard XXX! He's so evil! They lived in XXX, but then they went to XXX, where there was no sign of XXX, so then they went to the village of XXX, and asked XXX about it, but XXX didn't know where XXX was either. Maybe he went to XXX. Oh, FFS! Just go jump in the XXX river already!

But look. It's over halfway through the month. Let's take this "catching up" thing more seriously, eh? The lock-myself-in-the-library thing kinda works, but I just need to speed up with the writing. Why I can't just pretend this other room in my house is the library, I don't know. I need to work on my self-hypnosis skills.

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