Tuesday, November 6, 2012

There really is a nun in my story!?

E-mi-tuo-fo! Shanzai, shanzai. (Do I want to write it like that? Maybe the "shanzai" part should be translated. As what? "Very good"?)

So there apparently the toad demon shows up dressed as a nun. Is she really a nun?

November's plot is only a distant cousin of October's plot.

Nothing is what I thought it was, or not quite. So much for planning!

The outline is like a light that I throw ahead of me, so I have something to focus on as I move forward. Once I get there, I find the ground is full of new details and formations that were unknown to me before I got there. Sadly, this year the "light" runs on a wind-up battery, so every time I catch up I have to spend a lot of time figuring out what happens next.

What happens next? Gah, I'm behind, behind, behind. I'll write what happens next on here. Maybe that will motivate me to write 4000 words today. (Let's pretend to believe that for now. It's not impossible, merely unlikely.)

Just how evil is this toad demon/nun supposed to be? She says she's there for knowledge, and maybe that's true. All those years seeking enlightenment, but it eludes her. She thinks the boddhisattvas know a secret that they could share but refuse to, out of spite or fear (that too many commoners will ruin a good thing?) She doesn't believe that they are acting out of compassion. I suppose it's a projection of what she would feel if she was the one with secret knowledge. A secret is only valuable until it's revealed, she says. Fine. So, if the boddhisattvas won't share, what about one of their outcast disciples? Being a disciple, they might know. Being outcast, they might be persuaded or bribed to speak.

So what about the rabbit immortal? He's the local earth god now, and meant to guard the prisoner (the outcast disciple). Why does he let her pray to the apostate? I suspect he's a romantic. The prisoner might corrupt her, but then again, the influence might go the other way. Maybe he'll fall in love with the nun! Isn't that what happens in stories? Wishful thinking, but he has to allow them the chance.

What happens, of course, is that it's the Rabbit who falls in love with her instead!


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