Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The triumph of the vague

Also known as, "the chapter in which I summarize in 500 words what happened in the prequel (or sequel, depending on one's point of view) novel which I never wrote, without giving enough detail for anyone to understand what the hell it was about." Gah! I bet I could get more wordage out of it if I described events with something more specific than "Long ago, a long way from here, a woman who wasn't there had a conversation that never happened with a man who couldn't speak" and glossing over a whole adventure with "The shipwreck, the plague."

But then again, I'm trying to write THIS novel, not the other one. If I'd wanted to write the other one, I'd be doing that right now. But I'm not.

Which is no excuse for the parts of the current novel I'm not writing, either, such as "Years passed. Of the Phoenix's passage through the underworld, we will not speak." Well, I said I wouldn't speak of it. So I won't! But who is this "we"? Since when do I have a narrator in this novel? Damn it! *headdesks* But I think it's because I'm doing this novel in "fairy tale mode". I read too many fairy tales at an impressionable age. I still read them. So sue me, I like them. Why shouldn't I write in fairy tale mode if I feel like it?

But, um, yeah, skippity-skippity, skippity la la la.

So I'm not having my cake and I'm not eating it either. That is, I'm not writing the scenes I don't want to write so I can skip ahead to do the parts I do, but I'm also slow in writing the scenes I claimed to want to write. That explains why I'm currently lagging at 5000 words behind.


Go me!

...I said, "Go!"

...Now? Hello? Writing? Words?

...I'm going to go wash the dishes now.

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