Friday, November 2, 2012

Only Schumann will get me through this...

It's only day 2 and I already hate everything. (My story is lame, shallow, meaningless, cliched, racist, sexist, riddled with cultural/linguistic/ecological errors, devoid of interest, etc. etc.)

On the other hand, I'm only 2000 words in, and I've already "discovered" new things about the characters. Admittedly nothing very deep, but now that I know that "Silver" and her fellow disciples have been practicing the "Shifting Body, Changing Element" technique, but lacking a crucial breakthrough, that explains why "Phoenix" would end up using something like it (obviously "Rabbit" stole the secret manual from the ruined temple and gave it to his friend.) Speaking of which, who is this "Rabbit" and where did he come from? He was never in my original plot outline. But there you go. That's what happens once the actual writing starts. I'm told (by me) that he's a nephew of the rabbit in the moon (the one who brews the Elixir of Immortality) and he's a fat, nosy, meddler who grows magic snow lotuses in icy crevasses.

One of the stupid things that slows me down is that I make up Chinese names for all the characters and techniques and powers and so on. (And where I don't make them up myself, I steal them from other people.) Yeah. It doesn't help that I totally suck at literary Chinese, and it's only the power of Google (and a dictionary) that lets me limp along. Even if I never write them down where anyone can see it, it still helps me mentally. The other stupid thing is me making up their dialogue in the language of Chinese wuxia novel cliches. And then I try to translate it into English. Badly. ARGH! *headdesk*

Meanwhile I still have lots of words left to write tonight. I can tell I'll have to be sitting at the computer late at night, desperately wanting to sleep, before I can get any of it done. I predict I will go through three repeats of the Schuman 3rd and 4th symphonies before I log off. That's how slow I am. Ugh.

Day 2 and so far my character death count stands at: 1 named, 4 unnamed!

Naturally I'm excited to continue and see how high I can get that number this year!

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