Thursday, November 1, 2012

Off we go... to somewhere?

Day 1 of NaNoWriMo begins. Well. That wasn't exactly a speedy start. Took me until now to get the first 500 words down.

No, I didn't ever finish my outline.

No, I didn't ever finish carving all five pumpkins.

No, I never got around to vacuuming.

No, I haven't figured out yet how to connect villain A to villain B, much less how to get the other characters into the right places at the right times. (Note to self: except for one thing: remember that the Dog wasn't saving the Phoenix, he was saving the backpack, which had all the yummy-yummies inside it.)

No, I didn't ever finish making up names for my characters. (Even worse, many of them need multiple names, for their various lives and identities.)

No, I didn't ever finish making up names for the places, sects, mysterious powers/martial arts, etc. etc.

Guess that means I'll just have to make it up as I go along. I'll try to keep to strict chronological order (though I will skip between characters) so that I can keep the flow of cause and effect straight in my head. Last year I split my narrative into alternating "past" and "present" chapters, but that was a pain even with an outline prepared. This year, if I mess around with the ordering of scenes, I'll wait until revision time to do that.

So what did 500 words get me? Through the first event I wanted to note, and a little bit into the second one. And way too many Google searches for trivial things I don't want to admit to. Note to self: just make something up! Skip it! Get writing! 1500 more words to go for today! Fun fun. Yay. Smell that enthusiasm. (Not to be confused with broccoli, which my younger daughter insisted her oatmeal smelled of this morning. Too much Halloween candy last night, I say.)

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