Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's that time again...

...when I realize it's about halfway through November and I'm BEHIND!!!! *cue horrified music* It's November 13 and I have about 14K words this morning.

It's not that I haven't had time to write, it's just that I haven't spent the time I have in writing. Time to move on to the next step! I will go lock myself (mentally) to a cubicle in the local public library and sit down until I have my words done. No food, water, or bathroom breaks. I prefer writing in the library to going to a coffee shop or whatever. It's quieter, I don't feel pressured into buying drinks and/or food, the tables are bigger, and the electrical outlets are placed more conveniently.

But I can see today is another evil day of evil: I'm starting a new file. All that blank space usually puts me off. There's nothing for it but to start...

...infodumping. Yeah. Back when I visited Yunnan, I saw some really cool exhibits with artifacts from an archaeological dig uncovering some old mostly-forgotten kingdom/tribe. There's tons of these in China, especially to the west, southwest, etc., that were at the "frontier" of ancient imperial China. It's a pity I didn't take pictures or notes, nor did I buy any picture books/museum books (if any were available.) At the time, I was not thinking "Hey, I want to steal this culture for my NaNo this year!" (Reminder to self: You ALWAYS want to steal things for your story/RPG campaign/whatever.)

So it's back to "make shit up as you go along". Bah. Whatever I think up is usually more boring than the real thing. It will have to do for now. So I'm making up my own "lost kingdom" (of which this village that I'm infodumping about will be the last remaining outpost) with its random alien culture (elves, I tell you!) and shtuffs. I will try to do more serious researching when I get around to revising this first draft.

So, not yet Bottomless Pit of Despair time yet, but definitely Butt In Chair, Fingers to the Keyboard, No More Internets, For Realz time.


  1. Hey don't worry, I'm only on 14k too! You can word sprint your way back up. I'm tweeting this blog link out if that's okay!

  2. Sure, tweet away. :-)

    Word sprint... *dies*

    But yeah, we can do it!