Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey, look, it's the plot...

Where have you been, you dear old thing?

Umm. So yeah. Hit 44000 words now. I feel like rolling around on the floor moaning "ugh ugh ugh" like my son does, but that would probably be unproductive (that's what I always say to him) and undignified (maybe I can just eat some chocolate instead.)

The last week of NaNo is so so so painful. On the other hand, at least I'm writing something.

What is that something? Well, after diverting myself for the last 30000 words on the setup for "assignment one" for my nominal main character, I finally went back to him. Sort of. He was really boring to write about because he's been spending all his time studying for the imperial exams. (And since I don't know anything about that, can't describe it in any detail. Research is called for. Later.) Actually, I'm with his wife right now. She's boring, too. Boring, boring, boring. This is one of those "romances" where they're going to be happily married, then turned into enemies, then have a sentimental reconciliation at the end.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Ok, yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. (Or write it, whatever.)

6000 more words for the November goal.

No padding.

That really hurts when I delete my placeholder notes once I write the scene they were standing in for. *cries* The word count! Decreasing! Nooooo!!!!

Only six thousand words. Think. Think faster! Quickly! Write words! All November, I feel I'm barely able to think ahead enough to know what the next scene is. I can't NOT write 6000 words, right? It would be too pitiful if I failed NaNo at this point.

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