Friday, November 30, 2012

Another year, another NaNo

Whew, I just managed to get to 50000 words by 2 pm today, which is good, because I have other stuff to do this afternoon. The NaNoWriMo validator kindly added another 500 to my total. That's certainly better than having it subtract 500 words!

Final notes for November:

I'm not feeling the luuurve!
I gave myself three traditional male/female pairings (Rabbit/Toad, Rat/Dog, Vampire/Elf), one male->neuter/female (Phoenix/Silver), and one bromance (Phoenix/Rabbit). None of them convinced me of their passionate love for each other, none of them moved me to tears (not even of laughter: comedy me, you fail!). Yeah, I suck at this romance thing.
I need to organize my books
I used to have them contained and sorted on my bookshelves, but sometime in the last decade, they've gone completely out of control. *sob* Stacks of books everywhere all over the house, piles of books sent to the library bookstore, more books that fell under my bed, in my closet, left on the basement table, stolen by the children, etc. etc. I can't find anything anymore. And that's why I did all my "research" via Google this year. Yeah....suuuuure...
After 50,000 words, I have more or less arrived at the beginning
By "the beginning", I mean the scenes I imagined back before I started writing the novel. Those scenes which were supposed to set up all the exciting adventures to follow. So fine, I have an idea. Then I think about how the characters got there. And what they're going to meet later on. So I do a few scenes to set things up. A few scenes turns into six chapters. And finally, here we are.
Hmm. That wasn't the scene I imagined!
See above. So when I finally get there, everything has changed. Characters are not what I thought they were. The choices they make are not what I vaguely imagined them to be. Even today, the scene I actually wrote differed substantially from the one I imagined last night when I was thinking about it. This is why I don't like to skip around in writing stories. If I do things out of order, I'll end up like that idiom about the horse mouth not matching the ox head.
POV? What POV?
Usually I stick to the third-person limited point of view (with multiple POV characters throughout the story, but only one per scene) or first-person (that year I tried to do the diary format, and the occasional short story/novella), but this year I went crazy with the cinematic jumping about. Mostly I tried to stay out of people's heads (telepathic communication doesn't count as internal!) except for the occasional reaction shot or when I wanted to be sure I knew why someone was doing something. It seems I wanted to have an omniscient narrator this year. I dunno. I'll have to think about it.
Ok, that's 50000 words. What about the rest of the novel?
Uhhh... umm. Yeah, I guess I still like the basic idea enough that I want to finish it. Plus, this is meant to be volume one in a multi-volume series. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The background story/prequel I didn't tell
("The shipwreck. The plague.") Apparently that refers to the space opera/Cthulhu/cyborg/fae/psi-power world ("Future History Channel") where the last humans from Earth use an experimental stardrive to start a new colony on a different planet. Bad things happen. Does that sound like Chinese-style fantasy to you? Or like Sapphire and Steel? At all? No, I didn't think so. But there it is. That's what those two characters (the vampire and elf prophets) were up to before they came here. And no, I don't ever use the words "vampire" or "elf" in this novel.

December tomorrow!