Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10000 words to go

Which is to say, I just hit 40K and wanted to take a break from my NaNo.

Yarrgh. Here I am in the last week again, making my frantic efforts to finish. It's been worse every year. I suppose I'm daring myself to fail, so then I'll know how far I can push it and still manage the 50000 words. Bad me, no biscuit!



What happened to paragraphs? This month, I suddenly realized that all my paragraphs have disintegrated. I have words, I have sentences, I have scenes and possibly chapters, but paragraphs? What the heck are paragraphs? I think being on the computer all the time has influenced me to make my "paragraphs" shorter and shorter, since I hate looking at a solid block of text.

All these line breaks.

And white space.

Are easier on my eyes.

And as I said last year, they give me the illusion that I am progressing rapidly with my story, even though the actual word count doesn't go up by much. I feel that I have a huge fluffy story! Ha ha! *lolls around in the white space*

But it's the last week. Which means...

Even more long sequences of pointless dialogue!

Even more side trips to random new places that I made up on the spur of the moment! Which always ends up as some dark, lifeless landscape. (Cf., "Thousand Sunless Valleys", from last year's story.) This year it's a monastery on a cliff where the king keeps his wife, concubines, and children imprisoned. I have yet to figure out what the ghost is doing there, though, besides waving the "Follow me!" plot flag.

Even more unconvincing "character development"!

And possibly some "cheating", where I just guess at what happens and write down a summary. Normally, I like to run scenes back and forth in my imagination as if watching a movie, until I can see it clearly, at which point I write it down. When the deadline is too close, I'll write it down anyway whether it's right or not. This can cause problems for me later, but at least it keeps me writing.

Grrr. This post is probably full of lies. I don't even know, anymore. Must... write... more... words...

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