Sunday, October 28, 2012

Are we ready yet?

Argh, no. I still have to go to the store, where they'll probably be all out of milk and bottled water and toilet paper and batteries and cereal and... ugh, and I still have to get to the pharmacy Real Soon Now and...

Why visit us now, Hurricane Sandy? I don't remember sending out an invitation. Gah! Oh well. Looks like I'm going to be among the thousands without power this week as NaNo starts. At least I have a full bag of charcoal for the grill. And we hope other places in the area will have backup generators so we can just drive off and buy food somewhere, dark traffic lights and fallen trees be damned!

I've been writing the notes for my NaNo in my notebook (the kind made out of paper) with a pen (the kind that uses physical ink). With luck, I'll be able to read my own handwriting. The plan is to write the NaNo by hand if necessary, then type it into the computer later.

There, THAT plan was easy enough.

Now, what about the plan for the novel itself?


I'm working on it. It's getting away from what I had originally envisioned, but it always does. The more details I figure out, the more I realize that "no no no, THIS is what actually happens", which means that the only way I know what the ending is is to get there by writing my way through the story. I think I have enough now to get me through the first week or so of November. I even have a name for one of the characters (that leaves another dozen or so to go). Hooray for Google translate!

So, yay, I'm looking forward to starting! And hiding in the house away from the scary scary evil trees outside. There's so many. Lush, aggressive vegetation as they once said in that old Doctor Who episode. Or that other one:

DOCTOR: Well, perhaps if we could define the exact nature of the threat posed by the trees.

HINDLE: I've told you. Seeds, spores and things. Everywhere. Getting hold, rooting, thrusting, branching, blocking out the light.


DOCTOR: Why do you think the plants are hostile?

HINDLE: Because they are.

Mwah ha ha ha! I'm with poor crazy Hindle here. After years of trees falling around me and crushing cars, houses, and people, I've developed a phobia...

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