Thursday, October 18, 2012

50000 words? Meh...

It's only going to get me through the first 3-4 episodes max (I tend to think of my stories as 45-60 minute episodes in the TV show I'm running in my head), while the "arc" will take at least 6-8 episodes. After this many years of writing 50K chunks, this is pretty obvious. Not sure what I should do about it. The last two years, I tried writing parts 1 and 2 of the novel. What happened was that a) there's a chapter missing in the middle between the two parts, b) I started up new plot threads and forgot some of the ones I had from the previous year, and c) I still didn't get to the proper end even after over 100K words. Bah, humbug!

On the other hand, 50K is near the maximum I can reasonably write in one month. (I could probably do 60-70K if I really pushed it, but it wouldn't be much fun.) Maybe it would be better for me personally if NaNo was redefined to be two months long. October and November would be nice. Maybe next year I'll do AugNoWriMo as part 1 and November as part 2. Too late this year. I'll go for November and January instead.

Or I could try consuming caffeine and/or alcohol to increase my word count? Hmm. Probably not. I'm a terrible NaNo-er. I only ever drink water and watered down orange juice at home. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll drink grapefruit juice or tea. While eating out, I may even get a lemonade! Oooo! Or soda, if I'm really thirsty and desperate. (This is why I'm not ever going to attempt to write one of those classical alcoholic wuxia characters as my point of view character.)

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