Saturday, January 21, 2012

What do you mean it's 2012!?

Urgh. Yeah. So I haven't been writing much. I really need to finish the stupid novel before I go work on the other story idea that's been gnawing at my heels.

I tried the lock-self-in-library-and-write thing yesterday.

Key mistake: I decided to take a few minutes to "glance at the new books section on the way to the quiet room."


So yeah. I wrote a bit, then couldn't resist the books sitting right there in front of me on the desk.

What's really unfair is that I can read a book so much faster than I can write one. ARRGH! But I suppose it would be even more frustrating if it was the other way around. Still. Annoying.

I suck at romance. Let's forget the whole romance angle. (Yes, Nyima and Chola still end up together, but we won't dwell on it. And there's no sexxors in the novel.) Maybe that will help with the whole finish-the-first-draft issue.

There. It's the last couple of chapters of my novel, and... um... ok. Now THREE of my main characters are locked up in prison, while three others are being possessed. What is wrong with you people!!!?!?!!?!!!!111111one!!

"I have a frog on my head!"

Oh, please. Can't you think of anything better than that?


I guess not. I am writing this blog post to convince myself to write the next few sections, in which we escape from prison for the last time and gang up on the murderous usurper Prince Senge, arrange "democratic" elections for Shambhala, declare "Mission Achieved", and then get the hell out of there and hide behind the "The End" sign. Yeah.

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