Monday, February 28, 2011

Trudging onwards, ever onwards...

No, I lie. Yesterday I deleted 30 words from my novel. Whee. (I'm sure it'll get much worse when I get down to serious editing. That was just a few sentences I couldn't bear to ever look at again, hence the immediate deletion. When I revise, I tend to cut things more than I add them in.)

But today! What about today? Well, it's a start. I finished one scene, started the next. (+700 words!) And so it goes. One scene after another. If I just keep writing, I'll get to the LAST scene. Eventually.

In the next scene: the return of the Blind Frogmaker! In which he thanks Chola (unhappily and grudgingly) for killing Achamo. So there. I didn't just introduce a random demon for a flashback scene to kill him off and never have him appear again. However, I must ask myself, what's with the name? Self? Am I supposed to show him making frogs now? Huh? What the hell is that all about? Why would anyone make frogs? Is he a random frog generator? Why? Why why why? It's all Glen Cook's fault. He had that Toadkiller Dog character and I could never get the name out of my head. Ok, and Richard Dawkins' fault for having a whole book called the "Blind Watchmaker". [ETA: and Patricia Wrede, for introducing me to the term "frogmaker".]

Obviously the Blind Frogmaker is actually a god running experiments with the evolution of "frogs" which are just a type of artificial not. But if he is a demon, one wonders if he had some kind of weird agenda. Maybe he did want to be a god, and all the other demons mocked him for only being able to produce "frogs"? But if you mutate and evolve the frogs enough (one wonders what kind of selection pressures their maker would use on them), frogs can do anything!

Oh, never mind. I'm gonna go eat lunch now.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I really need better notes...

Dammit, I knew this would happen. I admit it, I haven't worked on my NaNo in 3 months. *hangs head in shame*. And today, when I opened up the file for the last chapter I had been working on, I couldn't remember what was supposed to happen next.

Yes, I have an outline, but alas, my outline is full of lies. I guess I'll read everything I have up to that point (while cutting the bits that are especially cringe-worthy) and try to get back into the flow of the story. I did have a plot in mind at one point. I'm pretty sure I, really... gah...

Why is Chola T'hom going to that town? Wait, he can't, because all the demon wards will go off if he tries. That's why he's coercing the herdsman. The herdsman is supposed to...find a corpse from the latest DLF attack what? Chop off a piece and bring it back to Chola? Why? I forgot.

Oh yeah...something about Chola's method of divination. Eating the dead to learn about the living? 'Reading the Gnomen of the Carnate', that was it. So what did he want to find out? Oh yeah. He knew his mind had been messed with by Prince Senge. He wanted an ally to back him up before he went after Senge again (and he thinks Nyima is the Prince's prisoner?) so he wants to find out where he can meet Lady Bloodless. That was it. Remember, this is the same Lady Bloodless who lusted after Chola back when they were all demons together.

Ok, but what was the deal with Dawa's Chinese boyfriend and the masidi overdose? Something something something. Lady Bloodless kills him for his faithlessness? Huh? Hopefully it'll all come back to me soon.